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beautiful places to visit and you didn't know they existed

beautiful places to visit and you didn't know they existed

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In Cusco, despite the fact that we receive more than 4 thousand tourists daily, you can still find ruins, lagoons, mountains and waterfalls where practically no one goes. All the places I will show you below can be explored in a single day, making them beautiful and perfect to get to know the unknown side of the capital of the Incas.

The lagoon of Kinsa Cocha

The lagoon of Kinsa Cocha The lagoon 2 of Kinsa Cocha

The most similar to being on the moon of a distant planet, the combination of lagoons and strange mountains make Kinsa Cocha an unknown natural jewel north of Pisac. It consists of three nearby lagoons located at 4,500 meters above sea level, where a small number of inhabitants are dedicated to livestock. The trail is simple and can be covered in about 3 hours walking along the water.

How to get there: From Cusco, you can take a bus to Pisac from Puputi Street (4 soles per person). Once in Pisac, ask any cab driver to take you to Kinsa Cocha, and most importantly, to wait for you at the beginning of the circuit to take you back to the city. Cab drivers usually charge 50 soles each way, plus the wait.

The temple of the moon or Laq’o

The temple of the moon

The walk takes about 1 hour from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco, the panorama of restaurants, souvenir stores and tourist agencies changes to become a giant open space full of nature. Here you will find the mystical Temple of the Moon or Laq'o, a religious epicenter of the Incas that you can visit for free. If you wish, you can continue on your way further and enter caves hidden among the hills.

How to get there: You will need to walk from the Plaza de Armas along Calle Triunfo (and its various names that follow), crossing the entire neighborhood of San Blas. The road is uphill, so it requires a minimum physical level. Eventually the route becomes rural, to continue along some stairs until reaching the green plateau where the Temple is located. In the area you will also find the Cueva del Mono (Monkey Cave), Zona X and Quenco.

The perolniyoc waterfall

The perolniyoc waterfall The perolniyoc photo

The most impressive waterfall in the Sacred Valley. If your plan is to visit the charming town of Ollantaytambo, then we recommend making a stop on the way to visit the Perolniyoc Waterfall. From the road, at the height of Socma, the waterfall awaits you 3 hours of a pleasant walk. There you can have lunch while you are mesmerized by the waterfall. And if you have time and energy you can continue the circuit for another 1 hour to reach the fantastic archaeological site of Raqaypata.

How to get to Perolniyoc: You will have to take a bus from Cusco to Ollantaytambo. These leave from Grau Avenue and Pavitos Street and cost 5 soles per person. You must tell the driver that you want to get off in Socma (about 10 minutes before Ollantaytambo). From the road you can start the 3 hour hike to the waterfall. In Socma you can ask anyone to tell you where the trail goes and you will arrive at your destination.

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