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The places you can't miss on your visit to Cusco

The places you can't miss on your visit to Cusco

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The city of Cusco

The city of Cusco is considered the most famous and most visited city in Peru. And although we assume that the visit to Machu Picchu is an essential and important activity, there are other tourist destinations in Cusco that you can access on foot or by cab and that will offer you great experiences that will remain forever in your memories.



One of the most beautiful buildings in Cusco is the Qoricancha Temple. It was originally the Temple of the Sun in Inca times, and then became the Convent and Church of Santo Domingo during the colony. Our Cusco City Tour makes a complete tour of the temple, where a guide will explain every detail inside and outside its walls.

How to get to the Qoricancha Temple: From Plaza de Armas you head south along Avenida El Sol until you reach the esplanade where the Qoricancha Temple is located.

Mercado San Pedro

Central Market of San Pedro

The Central Market of San Pedro is one of the tourist places in Cusco that you must visit if you want to have an authentic experience of the city. Here you will find hundreds of fruit stalls, juiceries, food, lunches and handicrafts at excellent prices.

How to get there: From the Plaza de Armas take Mantas street (continuation of Portal Belen) and follow it until you reach the San Pedro market. Don't get confused, the street will change its name to Marques and then Santa Clara.



The archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman is the largest within the city of Cusco. Even so, it is estimated that the current structure represents only 40% of its original size. In Sacsayhuaman you will find towers, tunnels and rooms built with imposing rocks. On your visit do not forget to go through the huge slides made of stone where you can slide!


How to get to Sacsayhuaman: From Plaza de Armas you go along Suecia street, then Huaynapata and continue along Resbalosa. From the San Cristobal Church you follow the road to Sacsayhuaman. We recommend taking a cab to get there, or hire our City Tour Cusco, where we will also visit other temples and important buildings in the city.

Plaza de Armas


Si estás pensando viajar al Cusco, sin duda que pasarás muchas horas en la Plaza de Armas de la ciudad. Y es que la combinación de arquitectura colonial, imponentes iglesias, hermosas áreas verdes y miles de viajeros de todas partes del mundo hace de esta plaza una de las más entretenidas de Sudamérica.

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