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Must visit restaurants in cusco in 2021

Must visit restaurants in cusco in 2021

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The MarshalAfter touring and exploring the different gastronomic offers that the city of Cusco has during the last 3 months, we came up with the idea of highlighting the best restaurants that elevate your travel experience through delicious flavor. This is not a list that necessarily includes the most luxurious or famous restaurants, but those that have the most innovative products, delicious flavors and a creative proposal for 2021. The following is a random order where you can find out who are the restaurants and the necessary details for your visit.

  • Pisco Museum
  • The Marshal
  • Heidi Farm
  • Green Point
  • Chakruna Burguers
  • The Frescas
  • Nuna Raymi
  • Coffee Museum
  • Cicciolina
  • The Rabona

1. The Rabona

Resturant the Rabona

Located in the narrow Herrajes street, La Rabona offers the best sandwiches and the best chocolate cake in Cusco. Based on pure organic products, their paninis are an absolute delight first thing in the morning. We recommend the Capresse and Hummus panini, the latter with avocado, cherry tomatoes and seed sprouts. The best thing is that at very good prices the portions are quite large, to the point that a single sandwich can easily satisfy two people.

Restaurant Rabona food The panini

Located at: Herrajes Street 146, Cuzco Peru

Type of food: Café, Delicatessen

Price range: S/ 10 - S/ 25

Special diets: Suitable for vegetarians, Vegan options, Gluten-free options

2. Cicciolina

Beautiful surroundings and Cicciolina food

Cicciolina is a restaurant and tapas bar located in the heart of Cusco. Its food is the result of an Italian-Peruvian fusion and is served in an elegant and relaxing context. The dining experience at this place has been meticulously studied to include tasty wines, luxury service, aromas and irresistible flavors. The Andean mushroom risotto, duck prosciutto and alpaca tartare are among the best dishes on the menu.

Cicciolina Food 1 Cicciolina Food 2

Located at: Triunfo Street 393 2do Piso, Cuzco Perú

Type of food: Contemporánea, Fusión

Price range: S/ 37 - S/ 56

Special diets: Suitable for vegetarians, Vegetarian options, Vegan options, Gluten-free options

3. Coffee Museum

Place Museo of Café

A large space of earth tones and elegant decoration, the Coffee Museum not only has the best coffee drink in Cusco, but also has breakfast and dishes deliciously presented and tasty. With unparalleled attention, here you start your day enjoying from the first bite. You can sit in their comfortable armchairs on the first or second floor, or enjoy the view of the Plaza de Armas and Plaza Regocijo from their balcony. We recommend the Chilcano de Café, with pisco and lemon juice, as well as the delicious "El Lomazo", grilled alpaca with chimichurri accompanied with rustic mashed potatoes, bacon and a coffee reduction. After lunch you can walk through the adjacent exhibition that tells the history of coffee in Peru.

Museum breakfast Breakfast Museo of Café

Located at: 136 Espaderos Street, Cuzco Peru

Type of food: Peruvian, International, Healthy, contemporary

Price range: S/ 37 - S/ 56

Special diets: Suitable for vegetarians, Vegetarian options, Vegan options, Gluten-free options

4. Nuna Raymi

Restaurante nuna raymi

With a relaxed atmosphere and a fresh and bright decoration, Nuna Raymi is typical Peruvian food with a creative and innovative touch. Their alpaca anticuchos make your mouth water just thinking about them, an unmissable flavor that you can only try in this restaurant in Cusco. They also do demonstrations of their drinks, making delicious pisco sours of different flavors such as passion fruit, aguaymanto and chicha. At the end of your meal, the sommelier passes by with an emolientero cart (cover photo) handing out herbal teas with properties of lemon verbena, yacón, penca de sávila, llantén, among others.

Restaurante nuna raymi food We present the delicious

Located at: Street Triunfo 356 Half a block from the Plaza de Armas, on the 2nd floor, Cuzco Peru

Type of food: Peruvian, Latin, Healthy, Fusion

Price range: S/ 15 - S/ 48

Special diets: Suitable for vegetarians, Vegetarian options, Vegan options, Gluten-free options

5. The Frescas

The Frescas

The Frescas is the first salad bar in Cusco, and what a surprise they have generated. It is also one of the newest restaurants in the Inca capital. Using the concept of bowls, here you can prepare your own salads, wraps, soups, desserts and refreshing juices. 100% recommended is their Pesto Bowl: Grainy quinoa with pure basil pesto sauce, accompanied by grilled chicken cubes, sundried tomato, roasted garlic chips and fresh parmesan cheese.

Photo 1 Food Frescas Photo 2 Food Frescas

Located at: 478 Saphi Street, Cuzco Peru

Type of food: Healthy

Price range: S/ 5 - S/ 10

Special diets: Suitable for vegetarians, Vegetarian options, Vegan options, Gluten-free options

6. Chakruna Burguers

Friends in our store

Effort and passion always pay off, and this is the case of Chakruna Burguers. Its owner Alejandro and his family, have managed to establish the best burger of all the restaurants in Cusco in just 1 year and a half. Their prices are quite economical and their flavors are a feast of flavors in your mouth. At Chakruna they are proud of their use of countless types of Peruvian potatoes, which they incorporate into their dishes in delicious fries with different sauces. Among their options you can also find vegetarian burgers, whether they are made of beans, lentils or chickpeas.

Try our great Cheescake of sauco

Located at: Plazoleta San Blas 699, Cuzco Peru

Type of food: Peruvian, Fast food

Price range: S/ 7 - S/ 20

Special diets: Suitable for vegetarians, Vegetarian options, Vegan options, Gluten-free options

7. Green Point

Restaurant Green Point

If you think that by being vegan you are sacrificing flavor, Green Point is evidence that this thought is far from reality. With typical dishes transformed into vegans, such as causas, ceviches and sushis, Green Point stands as the best and most varied option free of any animal product in Cusco. The Causa is a true gastronomic and vegan miracle: made of Andean potatoes, stuffed with mixed vegetables in avocado mayonnaise. It is accompanied by grilled oyster mushrooms in anticuchera sauce with aji panca chili, and on the side a delicious passion fruit sauce that adds exoticism and creativity to the flavor. The restaurant also holds famous cooking classes that seek to expand the knowledge of the vegan and raw diet.

indian style korma curry vegan grill with vegan

Located at: 235 Calle Carmen Bajo San Blas, Cuzco Peru

Type of food: Peruvian, Healthy, International, Contemporary

Price range: S/ 19 - S/ 74

Special diets: Suitable for vegetarians, Vegetarian options, Vegan options, Gluten-free options

8. Heidi Farm

Heidi Farm Main Room

The oldest restaurant on this list. Karl-Heinz is a German farmer who arrived in Cusco 20 years ago, set up his dairy farm and wanted to make his products known in a restaurant. Together with his wife, they created the Heidi Farm, in honor of one of Karl's mules. Under the cooking direction of his wife, Granja Heidi works with the most excellent natural products, achieving a perfect blend of French German food with Peruvian touches and ingredients. You can order vegetarian dishes as well as meat dishes, such as the delicious seco de cordero, perhaps the best cut of meat of all the restaurants in Cusco. At the end of your lunch or dinner, you can order the Mate de la felicidad, a secret formula of 7 herbs that gladdens the heart and soul.

rocoto relleno vegetariano Pankacke

Located at: Cuesta San Blas 525 2 Do Piso, Cuzco Perú

Type of food: Peruvian, European

Price range: $$ - $$$

Special diets: Suitable for vegetarians, Vegetarian options, Vegan options, Gluten-free options

9. The Marshal Barra Cevichera

The Mariscal Barra Cevichera Local

Outside the historic center is the best ceviche in Cusco. El Mariscal's charm is that their fish travels from Lima so that you can eat it the same day. Therein lies the secret of the exquisite taste of its ceviche, which transports you from the first bite to the Peruvian beaches. With a very friendly and well-lit restaurant, you can watch the bar right at the entrance so you can see the preparation of your dish. Not only the ceviche is good, the grilled octopus is the star of this place.

Rice with seafood The mariscal barra cevichera

Located at: Retamas 5H Urb. Mariscal Gamarra, Cuzco Perú

Type of food: Latina

Price range: S/ 19 - S/ 37

Features: Seating, On-street parking, Alcoholic beverages, Free WiFi, Credit cards accepted, Take-away food, TV, Television

10. Pisco Museum

Pisco Museum

Paying homage to its name, the Pisco Museum is a source of knowledge of this grape distillate. With hundreds of varieties of Peruvian piscos, here you can have a fun pisco sour class behind the bar, plus a tasting of different types of piscos while listening to explanations about their origin and characteristics. As for the food, we recommend their lamb tapas, as well as the very fresh Muchame, an herb chimichurri with olive oil on slices of avocado and duck prosciutto. As a starter you have to try the avocado al Carbon, with a surprising presentation and flavor.

Mixed tapasque table Foods Pisco Museum

Located at: Calle Santa Catalina Ancha 398 corner with Calle San Agustin, Cuzco Peru

Type of food: Peruvian, Latin, Bar

Price range: S/ 37 - S/ 148

Special diets: Suitable for vegetarians

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