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The Best Restaurants in Lima 2021: Top 10

The Best Restaurants in Lima 2021: Top 10

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Lima in recent years has become the gastronomic capital of America, and no wonder! The Peruvian city has two of the 50 best restaurants in the world among its streets, but also countless lesser known places with the most exquisite dishes from all regions of Peru. So that you can delight your palate with Peruvian gastronomy, this time we leave you a list of the 10 best restaurants in Lima that will make you want to come back to repeat them, so let's see what they are.

1. Restaurant Kjolle

Restaurant Kjolle

We start with a recommendation for those who want to know the chic side of Lima's gastronomy. On this occasion we honor the one recognized in 2018 as the best female chef in Latin America: Pía León.

Just over 2 years ago, León opened her restaurant Kjiolle, in the district of Barranco, a place where she reinvents traditional Peruvian food with new ingredients taken from different areas of the country. All of them united by a main thread: the great variety of colors of the inputs of this country.

Although they have a menu to choose from, we recommend you to choose the "experience", an unforgettable walk through nine experimental dishes (with vegetarian option), which will give you a different vision of Peruvian cuisine.


Address: Pedro de Osma, 301, Barranco.

Price range: S/.387.00 | 105 $USD per person

2. Restaurant Mara Biomarket

Restaurant Mara Biomarket

The vegetarian food fever has also reached the streets of Lima. Every day you find in the Peruvian capital more options of restaurants with meatless menus and with many typical ingredients of the region that give a special touch to each dish.

This time we want to tell you about Mara Biomarket, a restaurant and market that offers a wide variety of vegetarian dishes as well as products that you can take home. If you want to try something with typical ingredients, we recommend their veggie burger quinoa sandwich, accompanied with a delicious mustard dressing and sweet potato chips.

Feature Veggie Burger

Address: La Paz, 536, Miraflores.

Price range: ?

3. Restaurant Ámaz

Restaurant Ámaz

In the capital you can find restaurants with dishes from all over the country, which will make you travel through Peru through its gastronomy. Ámaz is an example of this, a little piece of the Amazon jungle in Lima with a great culinary variety and exotic cocktails with typical ingredients of this region. It is probably in this restaurant where you will find the most dishes unknown to you.

From patarashca to juanes, cecina or patacones, each flavor is a unique experience that will transport you to the deepest recesses of the jungle. And to close, don't forget to order a dessert with chocolate, all of them made with products brought from the Amazon.

Restaurant Ámaz Foods

Address: La Paz, 1079, Miraflores.

Price range: S/.90.00 | 30 $USD per person

4. Restaurant Titi

Restaurant Titi

The Chinese-Peruvian fusion resulted in the chifa, a type of restaurant that you will find in every corner of Lima and that, as happens with grilled chicken establishments, is always crowded, whatever time of day it is.

Although you can choose from a lot of places to try this type of food, we want to recommend Titi restaurant, which received in 2018 the Summum Award for best chifa in the Peruvian capital. The menu very wide and for all tastes, but you can not leave without trying the duck al sillao, with its delicious crispy skin, and, the typical wantan, Whatever the dish you choose are delicious, accompany it by one of its exquisite rice dishes, to repeat again!

Restaurant Titi Food 1 Restaurant Titi Food 2

Address: Avenida Javier Prado Este, 1212, San Isidro.

Price range: S/.80.00 | 21 $USD per person

5. Restaurant Canta Ranita

Restaurant Canta Ranita

Canta Rana Restaurant, located in Barranco, brings the traditional Peruvian cuisine with that family seasoning that is never lost.

Canta Rana is a typical restaurant with the warm and cozy atmosphere of Barranco, which stands out for the good quality and flavor of its dishes. Its walls are decorated with souvenirs, photos, pennants and sports trophies.

The cuisine is typical Peruvian, some of its specialties are ceviches and chupe de pescado, dishes prepared with the essence of the national cuisine.

Restaurant Canta Ranita Food

Address: Pasaje Génova 101, Barranco, Lima.

Price range: S/.40.00 | 10 $USD per person

6. Restaurant Shizen Barra Nikkei

Restaurant Shizen Barra Nikkei

The fusion of Peruvian and Japanese gastronomy many years ago resulted in Nikkei cuisine, a tasty mixture that unites the best of both worlds in dishes that you can only find in Peru. To try some of them we recommend you go to Shizen Barra Nikkei, a fairly simple sushi bar that is gradually earning a place among the best restaurants in Lima specializing in Nikkei food.

The recommendations would be the seafood chupe ramen and makis, among which you can not miss the acevichado, typical of all Nikkei restaurants in Peru.

Shizen Barra Nikkei Food 1 Shizen Barra Nikkei Food 2 Shizen Barra Nikkei Food 3

Address: General Borgoño, 286, Miraflores.

Price range: S/.58.00 | 16 $USD per person

7. Restaurant The Panka

Restaurant The Panka

Grilled chicken is so important to Peruvians that they have even created its own national day. Whatever time it is, restaurants specializing in this dish, because the seasoning they give to chicken in Peru is totally delicious.

One of the most exquisite grilled chickens we have tasted in Lima is at La Panka. In this restaurant they give a special touch to this dish leaving the skin very crispy. it comes with a salad and some potatoes that you can combine with their delicious chili sauce. we recommend you to order some mushrooms with creamy anticuchera sauce. just thinking about it you could order another one!

The Panka Food 1 The Panka Food 2

Address: La Panka has several restaurant locations located in: Los Cedros, Magdalena, San Borja, San Isidro, Jockey Plaza, Miraflores and La Molina.

Price range: S/.32.00 | 8 $USD per person

8. Restaurant Samantha

Restaurant Samantha

In the center of Miraflores there is a restaurant that seems to go unnoticed by tourists arriving in Lima. Perhaps this is what gives the magic to Samantha, a place where you will find huge plates of Creole food at a fairly economical price and that does not have individual tables, but you can sit down to share with any other unknown diner.

If we had to make a menu of what to eat at Samantha's, we would choose a causa rellena as a starter and an asado with mashed potatoes as a main course. All this, accompanied with a good pitcher of passion fruit juice, one of the best you will taste in this area.

Samantha Food 1 Samantha Food 2

Address: Av. José Pardo 225, Cercado de Lima.

Price range: ?

9. Restaurant Porcus

Restaurant Porcus

This restaurant arrived at the end of 2019 to the streets of Miraflores. It is Porcus, a restaurant run by chef Giacomo Bocchio, which is solely and exclusively dedicated to pork.

Located in an old warehouse in Miraflores, this place offers from the famous Peruvian bread with pork rinds for breakfast to the delicious chancho a la caja china, a slow cooking method that leaves a unique flavor in the meat. For pork lovers, this is a must stop on your visit to Lima.

bread with chicharron Porcus Food

Address: Comandante Juan D. Moore, 176, Miraflores.

Price range: S/.45.00 | 15 $USD per person

10. Restaurant Huáscar Combate Peruano

Restaurant Huáscar Combate Peruano

Five years ago, this small restaurant in Surquillo opened its doors and quickly became a favorite of many in the area. Its chef, Raúl Araníbar, wanted to create a place to enjoy seafood with a Creole touch.

His dishes have everything that characterizes Peruvian gastronomy: a good presentation and a flavor that will delight you. You have to visit his establishment located in Surco, a larger place where they accompany some nights with concerts.

After tasting some of their dishes, we can affirm that any of them are a real wonder for the palate. But if we have to recommend them, we would recommend the rice with seafood, the leche de tigre and the trio of causes.

Huáscar Combate Peruano Food

Address: Comandante Juan D. Moore, 176, Miraflores.

Price range: S/.40.00 | 10 $USD per person

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