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The 7 tourist places to visit in Tarapoto this 2021

The 7 tourist places to visit in Tarapoto this 2021

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Tarapoto is one of those places that we like to recommend for a first contact with the Peruvian jungle. The tourist places in Tarapoto bring you closer to the Amazon, but without the need to go deep into it, as is the case with Pacaya Samiria or the Manu National Reserve. You can stay perfectly in the city and each day choose a different destination to visit. The options are really varied: from waterfalls to soothe the sweltering heat to a "medieval" castle in the middle of the jungle.

1. The Petroglyphs of Polish

The Petroglyphs of Polish

We start with one of the tourist attractions in Tarapoto that is least known by the tourists who visit this region. The Petroglyphs of Polish are located just half an hour from the city and not much is known about them, so they are totally mysterious. The few studies that exist about this art say that they were made by the Chachapoyas culture, which inhabited this region between 800 and 1470 dc.

In addition, they believe that it is a magical religious writing used by this culture. Although the number of petroglyphs is small, it is an interesting excursion if you have some free time in Tarapoto and are looking to visit a less touristy destination near the city.

Photo 2 Petroglyphs

How to get to the Petroglyphs of Polish: The Petroglyphs of Polish are located near Bello Horizonte, southeast of Tarapoto. You can go by public transportation, taking a bus to this town, or take a cab and ask him to take you directly to this place.

2. The jungle in Alto Mayo

The jungle in Alto Mayo

This region of Tarapoto is full of activities in which to enjoy a day of nature. On the one hand, here is the city of Moyobamba, famous mainly for the great variety of orchids that grow in this place and where you can take a walk through one of its greenhouses.

Following the road to the north is the source of the Tioyacu River, a beautiful place and very well conditioned to receive tourists. First, you will have to walk along a small path until you reach the source of the river, where its crystalline waters are striking. Then it's time for a swim: you will find small waterfalls and natural pools of water in which you will want to stay all day.

The jungle in Alto Mayo 2

How to get to Alto Mayo: From Tarapoto, you can take a bus or cab to Moyobamba, the Tioyacu River or any of the other tourist attractions in this region. However, to make the most of your time, the best option is to hire a tour, with visits to these and other places in the area.

3. The Diamond Cave

The Diamond Cave

Also in the Alto Mayo region is the Cueva del Diamante (Diamond Cave), ideal for those who like spelunking and exploring enigmatic places. Here there are stalactites and stalagmites, as well as natural columns of great height that seem to be holding up the cave.

This is a space very different from anything you can find in Tarapoto and perfect for a walk among curious rock formations.

The Diamond Cave 2

How to get to the Diamond Cave: This cavern is located in the district of Naranjos, almost 200 kilometers northwest of Tarapoto. You can take a bus or cab in the city to this destination or take advantage of the visit to Alto Mayo to make a stop here.

4. The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

One of the most visited tourist places in Tarapoto is the Blue Lagoon, another of the wonders of Peruvian nature. The best thing about this destination is the journey: the landscapes that you cross until you reach the lagoon are all movie-like. In addition, before arriving you have to make a stop at the Punta del Gallinazo viewpoint, with incredible views of the Amazon.

Once in the lagoon, you have two options: relax in the hammocks hanging from the trees or enjoy the different activities available here, such as kayaking, horseback riding or ziplining, all in the Blue Lagoon itself!

The Blue Lagoon 2

How to get to the Blue Lagoon: the first step is to go to the district of Sauce. To do this, you can take a bus or bus in the city of Tarapoto and on the same bus you will board a ferry to cross the Huallaga River. Once in Sauce, located at the foot of the Blue Lagoon, you just have to take a boat and cross this lagoon.

5. The castle in Lamas

The castle in Lamas

Lamas, a small town located just 30 minutes from Tarapoto, stands out for an unusual construction in the Amazon jungle, a curious castle. How did this building get here? According to the story, an Italian fell in love with the area and wanted to bring the typical architecture of his country to this small corner of Peru.

Also, very close to the castle you can visit the Plaza de Armas of the Wayku Native Community, the only Quechua ethnic group in the entire Peruvian Amazon. Here, families of artisans sell their products in their own homes and, if you are lucky, you can see a show with their typical dances in the square.

The castle in Lamas Peru

How to get to Lamas: This town is only half an hour from Tarapoto, making it an ideal destination for a half-day excursion. From Tarapoto there are different buses that take you to Lamas, as well as cabs, a perfect option for those traveling in groups.

6. Ahuashiyacu Waterfall

Ahuashiyacu Waterfall

The Ahuashiyacu Waterfall is the perfect place to enjoy a bath in the middle of a truly pleasant landscape and under a 40-meter waterfall. The whole environment gives a feeling of peace and happiness, even its own name, since Ahuashiyacu means, in Quechua, "singing water" or "laughing water". And the sound that this waterfall makes when it falls and collides with the wall of the Cordillera Escalera is similar to a song or laughter.

Before reaching the waterfall you will have to walk a small path, accessible to people of all ages, through which you will go into the jungle and feel how the water of the waterfall welcomes you, little by little.

Ahuashiyacu Waterfall Peru

How to get there: Ahuashiyacu waterfall is located very close to the city of Tarapoto, just 30 minutes away. There are several options to get there: from taking a public bus or a motorcycle cab to hiring the services of a specialized guide, who can tell you the characteristics of this place in a more detailed way.

7. Exotic animals at the Urku Center

Guacamayo Urku

Very close to the Ahuashiyacu waterfall is the Urku Center, the best place to get up close and personal with the wildlife that inhabits Tarapoto. Here they take in animals to rehabilitate them and return them to their natural habitat and, in the meantime, they live with all kinds of species.

The most entertaining thing about the place is that you can walk with funny monkeys by your side, who climb on your shoulder when you least expect it and accompany you all the way.

Centro urku rescatamos rehabilitamos y liberamos

How to get to Urku Center: Urku Center is located very close to the city of Tarapoto, so you can get there by motorcycle cab or even walking if you like to visit the destinations you visit on foot. You can also reach this place in our City Tour Tarapoto.

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